HMRC Important dates for authorising an Agent in time for Self Assessment

26 November 2013

HMRC has published guidance on turnaround times 

If you need an agent authorisation for self assessment (SA) to be effective before 31 January 2014, HMRC suggests that you: 

  • apply online for agent authorisation by 15 January 2014, or
  • post form 64-8 by 23 December 2013.

 Applications for SA registration should be posted by 20 December 2013. 

HMRC has also published a table of Central Agent Authorisation Team (CAAT) turnaround times. The CAAT processes paper forms 64-8. The table shows the estimated turnaround times that HMRC aims to achieve based on current work plans and transaction volume forecasts. The turnaround time is how long agents should allow after posting the form to HMRC for your authorisation/application to become effective, or for you to receive any relevant outputs. 

The turnaround times are: 



HMRC asks you to allow

Online agent authorisation


2 weeks

Paper agent authorisation where there is an existing record


5 weeks

Self assessment registrations (including those sent accompanying form 64-8)

SA1, CWF1, SA400, SA401, SA402

or online equivalents

6 weeks


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